Replica Car Fraud

Fraud Replica Car Manufacturing Company!?

Have I Got News For You, My Fellow Readers!

So, not too long ago, a replica car manufacturer featured Tanner Foust in a couple Youtube videos with clips from “Top Gear”. Now, these Youtube videos were absolutely insane. I mean, they claimed to offer Saleen S7s for a little over 20 grand. How is that even possible?! Anyways, a couple red flags went up when I checked out their website and saw that there weren’t any pictures of completed cars at all on there. This insanely weird Panama-based company “Top Gear” or “Super Replicas” seems to me like a bunch of jibber-jabber and false information about celebrities endorsing exotic cars that cost almost the same as a Toyota Camry.

Some people are actually falling for this stuff, so I am here to show you why you should be skeptical. However, for those of you who do believe them, you can receive your 26k Bentley, 38k LaFerrari or supercharged V8 Ford GT within three months of placing your order. Tanner Foust and Chip Foose seem to be officially endorsing these sales that some would think are way too good to be true. I mean, a Bugatti Veyron Replica with a 16-cylinder engine for only 50 grand?! It’s madness.


This just looks like an online strategy to me, since Super Replicas has been known to have over 5 websites, several facebook accounts and many videos on Youtube to support their exotic car replicas. If you want to check them out, their main two websites are and! Super Replicas of course claims that they are a legitimate, ethical and trustworthy company of replica cars. They claim to build their replicas in Mexico, China, Panama and New York. One of their reps assures that they sell 300 cars a year, which is what they also say online. Supposedly, they have been manufacturing kit cars for over 30 years.

With their “Growing company”, they have a growing list of people saying they are scammers, and have a fraudulent service. I mean, it’s nuts really. There are countless websites made for the sole, devoted purpose of claiming that Super Replicas just takes your money and never delivers your kit car. You can also find several Youtube videos and comments laughing at their unprofessional promotional videos and their ridiculous, hard-to-swallow business plan.

In reality, there is no evidence that they even make the kit cars they advertise on their websites. What we do have evidence of, though, is that they’ve got a long history of failing to provide what they promise. They also falsely claim that celebrities endorse their products and are actively involved, when that is not at all the case. After being in their videos, Chip Foose claimed he had absolutely nothing to do with Super Replicas and Top Gear strongly denied it as well.

That’s not the best part though.

Super Replicas claims that Foust is their CEO on their website.

So, How Do They Work, Anyway?

Well, when you want to make a purchase, you go through their online catalog and you build it virtually starting from the chassis. Depending on your budget, they offer all types of promotions. Some which are also fraudulent, claiming they can install a Tesla Motor battery pack into your kit car so you can have electrical performance too. A Tesla Rep spoke up about this, admitting they offer their components to Toyota and Daimler, but not Super Replicas.

The billing is set up into several parts, and “as the car is being built”, they bill you. Which sounds pretty reasonable and possible for you to get your own exotic car, since you pay as you go. There also never really seems to be an end to what they can make you. They offer Camaros, Escalades, Land Rovers, BMW’s, even Lambos! You name it, and they’ll make it for less than 60k.

To make matters even more confusing, they also offer franchising opportunities. Their websites and social media pages never show the final replicas they claim to sell. A buyer see’s the picture of the kit car he wants, but never how they will receive it.

In 2008, Panama blogger received a request from a man in Texas who wanted him to look into Super Replicas and their never-ending promises for almost identical kit cars for just under $30,000. The blogger agreed! When he got to the small shop, he spoke with Tony Sinclair. At first, he was unwilling to show the blogger the factory, saying it was for serious buyers only, but then quickly changed his mind when the blogger threatened to write a bad review.

After three tours of the shops, the blogger was only shown parts of replicas, which were very far from being complete. He never saw one completed car. At the end, when the blogger saw a completed car in the front, Tony asked him not to take photos, since those were not the normal “high quality” kit cars they usually produce. Regardless, the blogger wrote about them and actually got them quite a lot of publicity. A couple years later, a man from Brazil wrote to the blogger saying he sent money to them and then they disappeared. I guess he wasn’t happy when the blogger responded that that was not uncommon.

Over the years, countless people from Japan, Brazil, and other countries have contacted him to say that they sent Super Replicas anywhere from 20 to 40k and never received a car. Many of the comments on the blog post accuse Tony and the company of being thieves. Some of the commenters were emailed and called, but none of them responded.

So, Who Are The People Behind Super Replicas?

In several videos, many people are featured but no names are ever said. Rither Sanchez used to be called the CEO, and he was the one who posted a picture of getting Chip Foose’s autograph and then claiming to have a partnership with him in the company.

One time, a blogger phoned the company and asked how they can make replicas with so little money, and the company claimed that they get the parts from the manufacturer directly, and the cars are built in Mexico where they pay $6 an hour for labor. When asked about all the hateful comments towards the company, the person simply answered, “Those are jealous competitors”. Still skeptical, this reporter went to the office listed on their website to check things out, and of course, there was no such business at that address.


All I’m saying is, you have to be so careful about who you trust and where you buy your replica cars from. I always recommend to build it yourself, but I know some times life won’t allow us to have the time. That’s why I recommended that great towing company in my last blog post. But anyways, if you want the fuller scope, just click here.


and if you’ve got anything cool you want to submit, or talk to me about, contact me here.


Until next time, my fellow readers!

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Buy Your Very Own Replica Car?

Hey guys!

So I am absolutely psyched to tell you about my reason findings with buying your own replica cars. Not to completely discourage building it yourself, because that’s definitely the option I would go with. Please understand though, I would want to build my own replica car because it’s just a goal that I think would be really cool to accomplish, and explaining to all my friends and family how I built it is a feeling of pride I want to feel some day in my life.

Anyways, to not get off topic, I was with some family down in Virginia Beach, Florida for the weekend. Mind you, I live in Houston, Texas. It was a very nice little getaway, and a great experience as well! Among my banana boat rides, jet skiing adventures and tanning chronicles, I came across and old friend of mine. We hadn’t seen each other in years and started catching up immediately.

Now of course, knowing me, she asked me about how my mechanics career was turning out, and if I had any plans or goals of my own. I brought up Replica cars after talking to her about school and my latest jobs. I told her about this blog and hopefully she’ll come visit it (Hey Erica!). To my great astonishment, she knew exactly what replica cars are! Now, not to bad talk women, but girls aren’t usually into this stuff, and the ones who are, don’t know nearly anything about replica cars. So that just made our reunion a whole lot better than it already was.

That’s not it though.

While we were chatting it up, she told me about a towing company that actually builds your kit cars for you. I was like “WHAT!” Yup, you read right. You make an appointment with them, and then you sit down and talk about what you want. What kind of engine, what kind of chassis, what type of interior, the speed you want it to go, I mean literally, you talk about the whole nine yards. Then they give you a time frame for how long it will take them to build it, and they set you up with a price. The bad part is that you need to have all the money up front, and of course the cost is a bit higher since whatever money you give them, they use for parts, engines, and you’re also paying for labor.

Now, don’t back out of it just yet, this is a pretty awesome deal. You get the car of your dreams, built by professionals and you don’t have to break a single sweat for it! That seems pretty good to me if you’re the type of person who works a full time job and has kids. It’s not every day that an awesome opportunity like this comes up. You can already imagine that my excitement got the best of me, and I actually went to the towing company’s site and checked it all out. I must say, I am utterly impressed!

So to all my Florida peeps, if you want to get your Replica car built for you, or maybe you just need some blue prints done for you, go to and check them out!


If you know any other business that builds replica cars or kit cars of any kind, feel free to contact me.

I will definitely check them out and give them a shout out on my page to help a brother or sister out. I’ll keep you posted.


See ya!


Replica Car

Pros & Cons of Kit Cars

Pros & Cons of Kit Cars

It’s pretty obvious that not every situation can be perfect. Lets weigh the pros and the cons of having your very own kit car. I’d like to help educate you to the best of my ability if you’re trying to make this decision. Whether you are buying it, or building it, both require a huge chunk of money that no one would like to lose.


Pros of Having a Kit Car

  • Can have any appearance you want
  • Can the fraction of the price of a Luxury car
  • Pride in knowing you built it yourself
  • Freedom to put any engine you want on it
  • Cheaper Insurance Rate

Cons of Having a Kit Car

  • Must avoid tight parking spots
  • May take lots of time to build
  • Must have a lot of start up money
  • Will probably never sell for more than you paid for it


All in all, I think there are a couple of things you should ask yourself when you’re considering buying or building a kit car.

  • What will I use this car for?
  • Who will ride it in?
  • Will I ever sell it? If so, when?
  • How much would I really be able to sell it for?
  • Am I only doing this because I want to own a luxury car?
  • Who will fix my car?
  • Is it really worth it?

Here’s also a quick little guide to how much you might be able to sell your replica for.

Replica Ferrari 355- $10-15K (good condition)

Replica Ferrari 430-$20-30k (great condition)
Replica Lamborghini countach $15-25K
Replica Lamborghini murcielago $25-35k

I hope I gave you at least a little bit of insight that may help you in your decision making. Building a kit car for me is just one of many dreams, or goals rather. I’d like to accomplish a nice classic Mercedes, or maybe even a Lamborghini. What do you think?

Classic Replica Car

Kit Cars

What is a Replica Car Anyway?

A replica car, also known as a kit car is a vehicle that is available as a set of parts, which can then be used to manually build a functioning car by whoever buys it.  Also known as “component cars”, the inside of kit cars such as the engine or transmission are usually purchased from other vendors.

Most replica cars are made of fiberglass. The chassis of an old car is used to build the body of your replica, and almost all existing drive gear and interior are removed prior to usage. This actually helps a lot for builders. They don’t have to have so much technical knowledge, since the chassis is already tested by the manufacturer. It is just more reliable and safe overall.

The History Of Replica Cars

Kit cars have been around since the automobile was first invented. A young entrepreneur named Thomas Hyler developed a design for a car that you can build in your very own home. In 1896, his technical designs were published on a magazine called “The English Mechanic”. However, it wasn’t until 1950 that his ideas really made an impact.

Car Production was increasing a significant amount, and with rust proof equipment in its infancy, many older vehicles were being sent to junk yards. An industry soon grew to produce chassis for new vehicle conversions, specifically sports cars. In case you don’t know, fiberglass is just fiber reinforced plastic. It was coming into general use and was loads more economical at the time. Kits were sold everywhere, and could generally be built in a weekend.

Kit cars today are frequently replicas of well known, expensive luxury cars and are designed for anyone with mediocre technical skills. While most people assume replica cars are built for economy purposes, they are actually built mostly because of appearance. Companies took advantage of these easy to build kit cars, selling over 10,000 different versions of the same car under different names.


Building Your Own Replica Car

So, is it worth building your own replica car? I’ve asked myself this question plenty of times. Between the investment money and the time and effort, it is quite the decision to think about. Nearly everyone is sceptical about kit cars when they first hear about it, since they don’t believe you can assemble a car at home and get it licensed to drive it in public roads. I guess you also have to think about the fact that it needs to pass the mandatory quality control tests, and it needs to be inspected by an expert.

A survey of over 500 replica car owners in the US, UK and Germany stated that it takes anywhere between 1,000-1,500 hours are required to build your kit car, depending on the model and how much knowledge you have prior to building it. The more you need to learn, the longer it takes.

I hope I both educated you and gave you something to think about! I’ll keep you updated, so keep coming back to my blog!

Replica Cars

Hello & Welcome!

I am just your average Joe, entirely fascinated by replica cars and the anatomy of an engine. The main purpose of this blog is simply to teach others about replica cars and share some nice pictures that I think are absolutely beautiful. Keep in touch for the latest of my discoveries and photography skills.

Just to give you a little more insight on who I am, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. This is where I reside for the time being until I’m filthy stinkin’ rich and can afford to live in Hawaii. My dad and all his friends are mechanics, so I have grown around that type of scene my entire life. Most people are quite surprised to find that I am actually a girl; I know, crazy.

Anyways, I graduated high school and am now attending college. I love writing and especially educating the world with my new bangin’ blog. I also love getting feed back; all types, no matter what! I love dancing, video games, a nice cold beer, and cars. Not that I am some type of car genius, but I do know more than your average girl. I can help you change or repair your tire, change your oil, change your battery, and plenty of other stuff that can be googled but no one ever does the work.

I usually tend to write a lot, so I thank you for reading my posts and hope you’re willing to share it with your friends and family. Replica cars has been my latest fascination, and although most people will doubt me, I definitely want to build my own eventually. (With daddy’s help of course)

As a kid, I always told my family I wanted a replica car for my first car. Mostly I just wanted to show off to my friends, since I knew they would never know the difference. As I grew older though, I decided to just give myself the goal of eventually building it myself. Plus, it would give me way more time to learn about replica cars and the inside science of the automobiles we so casually drive today.

Anyways, I’m gonna hit the road so I won’t bore you to death with my life story. Stick around to see what my amazing new blog has to offer!

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